Death By Blocks!!

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Most Minecraft players have been killed multiple times because death in this game is possible in just about every way you can think. Some deaths are more funny than others, some are traps and some are mobs. A number of  laugh-activating ways to die are:

  1. Being pushed off a cliff by a pig into lava.
  2. Mistaking some Lapis Lazuli for water and falling to your death. (Whoops!)
  3. Going to a creeper party.
  4. Finding out Herobrine can summon man−eating chickens. (Whoa)
  5. Being ensnared by your own trap. (Don’t you just hate that?)
  6. Falling through spider webs into lava. (Of course they slow this inevitable death down so you just have to wait longer to die)
  7. Creating a Wither because you are looking for a new BFF.
  8. Accepting the generous gift of fire from a Ghast. (Awwww … Aren’t they sweet?)
  9. Playing catch with a Witch. (Splash potions are OK to play with, right?)
  10. Agreeing to teach your mom how to play Minecraft – you`ll just want to kill yourself in the end.

Have you had a funny death in Minecraft? If you don’t play Minecraft can you think of a death thats funny? I hope you enjoyed this post.

This was a post from The Student Blogging Challenge Week 2.

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13 thoughts on “Death By Blocks!!

  1. That’s funny. You know who herobrine is don’t you he is just a mod. A mod or modification is a file anyone can use to modify a game.


  3. I have had a funny death walk into my house in the day find 50 monsters in there and die because a creeper comes up behind me and I don’t see

  4. Haha. Take my deaths and put them in the post. The getting pushed off a cliff into lava by a pig may be funny, but it wasn’t for me at the time. And the Herobrine one… That was not really funny! It scared me half to death!


  5. Dear Tristan,
    I thought your post was very interesting, even though I do not play minecraft I thought it looked funny. Do you play any other games.

  6. Tristan,

    I have had similar things happen,my friend Connor dropped sand in my mine while I was digging and I died.

    Keep writing,


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