TED Talks “Beware the online filter bubbles”

You are probably wondering what TED Talks is, it’s a organization who speaks to give new thinking. This specific video is about how the internet and Google give you search option links on what it thinks you want to see and what links you’ve clicked before.

In the video the guy who’s talking shows screenshots of his two friends searching Egypt and the didn’t have the same search results at all! It’s amazing how the internet works and it’s good to know that your search depends on: where you are sitting, the browser and the type of computer. The internet controls what you see and what you don’t which is cool.

If you are doing a project and you use the same computer for it and you go somewhere else and the search results change just go into history and see the ones you already clicked on.

I wonder how they got all that information in the video. I know now that the internet can be dangerous it can control you and what your find.

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Scotch Broom: Invaders From Europe

Broom / Retama
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: . SantiMB . via Compfight

Scotch Broom is a weed brought over to Vancouver Island by Captain Walter Grant when he moved to Canada from Scotland in 1850 he didn’t know it was a weed he probably thought it looked pretty and planted it or to make his new home look like his old one. Scotch Broom is green with small alternate leaves and has yellow flowers in the spring, as the Broom matures the stem turns grey and looks more like a tree. It is a problem here because: it has no native predator, it’s not native to Canada and it has up to 18,000 seeds per plant so it spreads extremely fast. The biggest problem of all it digs up other native plants and kills them. People are cutting the stems to try to kill these invaders.

Geocaching: Modern-Day Treasure Hunting

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: nickel715 via Compfight

Geocaching is like being a pirate, in a way. You use maps to find treasure and don’t tell anyone else where you found it. A GPS is your treasure map, a guide to your location satellites help you find your waypoints. The obstacles are Mugglers who raid and destroy caches. The caches are like treasure chests, they come in different sizes and each cach contains two different things: 1 a logbook and 2 S.W.A.G or “stuff we all get” is like treasure or valuables. Geocaching is fun and has so much in common with being a pirate its funny.

Try a Trade

Monday April 22 we went to Sandwick Technical to try some trades. You’re probably wondering “What is a trade?” A trade is a hand’s on job that gets you lots of money. There were a variety of trades to try but we only got to try 3 of them. :(.

We Built a mini house as Carpenters, we got water taps working as plumber, we did races, we drywalled the walls, we got light bulbs working as electricians and we made our own cement. We had lots of fun trying Trades that day.

I might want to be in a Trade when I grow up because some were super fun! The teachers were High-School students and were good at teaching what they did even if that wasn’t what trade they prefered. I think they had as much fun as we did.

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Death By Blocks!!

Landscape 2
Photo Credit: pciet via Compfight

Most Minecraft players have been killed multiple times because death in this game is possible in just about every way you can think. Some deaths are more funny than others, some are traps and some are mobs. A number of  laugh-activating ways to die are:

  1. Being pushed off a cliff by a pig into lava.
  2. Mistaking some Lapis Lazuli for water and falling to your death. (Whoops!)
  3. Going to a creeper party.
  4. Finding out Herobrine can summon man−eating chickens. (Whoa)
  5. Being ensnared by your own trap. (Don’t you just hate that?)
  6. Falling through spider webs into lava. (Of course they slow this inevitable death down so you just have to wait longer to die)
  7. Creating a Wither because you are looking for a new BFF.
  8. Accepting the generous gift of fire from a Ghast. (Awwww … Aren’t they sweet?)
  9. Playing catch with a Witch. (Splash potions are OK to play with, right?)
  10. Agreeing to teach your mom how to play Minecraft – you`ll just want to kill yourself in the end.

Have you had a funny death in Minecraft? If you don’t play Minecraft can you think of a death thats funny? I hope you enjoyed this post.

This was a post from The Student Blogging Challenge Week 2.

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Cunieform: Writting of the Ancient World

I know some people that have super tiny writing like this.
Cunieform is the writing of the people who lived in Mesopotamia. It was written by indenting the clay tablet with a reed stylus. Before the reed stylus small clay tokens were sent to people in clay envelopes stamped with the token to identify what it was.

It was originally pictograms but later evolved into the writing called Cunieform, which recorded taxes, crops, trade and astronomy written by Mesopotamian scribes. Scribes were trained professionals who wrote and recorded the languages of Mesopotamia. Scribes made it possible for letters to be read and sent. Scribes wrote on different shaped objects depending on what they were writing.

Photo Credit: Chris Waits via Compfight

Your Bones: One of My Favourite Songs

Everyone has a favourite song and one of mine is Your Bones by Of Monsters and Men and here are the lyrics in video.

Here are the lyrics written down:

In the spring we made a boat
Out of feathers out of bones
We set fire to our homes
Walking barefoot in the snow

Distant rhythm of the drum
As we sailed towards the storm
Baby lion lost his teeth
Now they’re swimming in the sea

Troubled spirits on my chest
Where they lay to rest
The bird all left my tall friend
As your body hit the sand

Million stars up in the sky
Formed a tigers eye
That looked down on my face
Out of time and out of place

So hold on
Hold on to what we are
Hold on to your heart

Awaken by the sound
Of a screaming owl
Chasing leaves in the wind
Going where we’ve never been

So I say goodbye to you, my friend
As the fire spread
All thats left are your bones
That will soon sink like stones

So hold on
Hold on to what we are
Hold on to your heart

So hold on
Hold on to your heart


I have practiced singing this song until I could sing it off by heart, I sang it for my class and they loved it. It really meant a lot to me how they clapped afterward. I got a bunch of compliments from people who don’t usually compliment others.

I hope you liked this post. Bye for now.

The Critter Strike

I have this game called Ratchet and Clank All 4 One. It has a bunch of amazing features but my favourite is the Critter Strike, weapon that turns deadly robots into harmless little creatures, such as pigs and sheep.

There is also an add-on to turn enemies into tyrannosaurus-rexes.  It is the easy way out of killing bosses because you only shoot them once but if you run out of ammo then you’re stuck with just killing them with the combuster.

Not all bosses can be  shot with the Critter Strike like Mr. Dinkles and Commander Spog, but most can, like Mr. Perkins and the Blaze Minion. There is actually an achievement for turning Mr. Perkins into a Pig it’s called “Poor Mr. Perkins”.

I like this video because it shows the trailer for the critter strike when you unlock it at the shop and it’s a funny way of showing off the weapon.

I enjoy the humor in this game and hope you liked this post.

If you own this game what’s your favourite feature? If you don’t would you buy this game?


I have a computer game about evolving and surviving also taking over the planet your own. It’s Spore. You start by choosing and then naming a planet. Then you pick a cell which will become a creature who evolves. It can be a carnivore or a herbivore.  Later in cell stage you gain cell pieces by attacking other creatures and if they have one you can become  an omnivore and defend yourself from other carnivores.

This video demonstrates what Spore is about.